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The things that no one tells you about accomplishing your dream | a blog post at

What No One Ever Told Me About Accomplishing My Dream

Ever since I was young (which wasn’t long ago since I’m only now 24), my dream was to be an author. A fiction author, one who specialized in the romance genre with coming-of-age undertones. It was all I ever wanted.…

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How to balance being a writer with a full-time life | a blog post at

Being a Writer with a Full-Time Life

Life is overpowering and fast, and it’s so important that if you love to write, you make the time for it. Because if you don’t, you’ll never get to write that story that’s been inhabiting your brain for so long.

Using essential oils to boost creativity for writers and other creatives | a blog post at

Essential Oils for Writers & Other Creatives

Disclaimer #1: I am NOT an essential oil guru. I know nothing about using oils to cure cancer or to put my kids asleep at night (especially because I don’t have kids). I love essential oils, I do, but that…

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How to Rock Your Book Signing | a blog post at
How my book and I got to be featured in the newspaper | a blog post at

I was Featured in the Newspaper!

  Never in a million years did I think my football-loving, academia-neglecting hometown would brag on me. Since the town is small and southern, growing up with my shy awkwardness was never easy. I have a whole other post about it…

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