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Using essential oils to boost creativity for writers and other creatives | a blog post at

Essential Oils for Writers & Other Creatives

Disclaimer #1: I am NOT an essential oil guru. I know nothing about using oils to cure cancer or to put my kids asleep at night (especially because I don’t have kids). I love essential oils, I do, but that…

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The top 5 digital tools for writers | a blog post at
5 ways to discover your best writing process | a blog post at

How to Find Your Best Writing Process

For many writers, including myself, writing can be the most difficult part of their day. Here are 5 steps to make the most of your writing process.

8 steps to follow to submit your writing to a publisher | a blog post at

The 8 Steps to Submitting Your Work to be Published

Alright, so I’m a published romance author (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few, *cough* 1000 times). That’s all I’ve wanted to and tried to be, so I know my instructions may not apply to all genres or types of writing.…

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Make Your Best Ideas With Mind Mapping

The first time I used it was when I was creating a character profile. I knew some of what I wanted, but I found myself focusing too hard on one aspect and then forgetting the other little fluttering ideas I had.