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How to balance being a writer with a full-time life | a blog post at

Being a Writer with a Full-Time Life

Life is overpowering and fast, and it’s so important that if you love to write, you make the time for it. Because if you don’t, you’ll never get to write that story that’s been inhabiting your brain for so long.

When a writer should abandon their work in progress | a blog post at

When a Writer Should Abandon their Work in Progress

A writer giving up on a story midway through is said to be a major sin. But there are some instances where it’s necessary and for the best.

Using essential oils to boost creativity for writers and other creatives | a blog post at

Essential Oils for Writers & Other Creatives

Disclaimer #1: I am NOT an essential oil guru. I know nothing about using oils to cure cancer or to put my kids asleep at night (especially because I don’t have kids). I love essential oils, I do, but that…

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