Never in a million years did I think my football-loving, academia-neglecting hometown would brag on me. Since the town is small and southern, growing up with my shy awkwardness was never easy. I have a whole other post about it here, so I won’t drone on and on anymore (aka whine).

Anyway, recently I’ve learned that being an author is more begging for attention for your book than it is actual writing. And since, you know, I want to be successful, I reached out to my hometown’s newspaper. Please note, that it was miserable typing up the email to my local newspaper. It felt like I was telling them, “Hey, I need more attention and you can give me that so please please help”. It was embarrassing, and I felt slightly pathetic.

Which was soooo unnecessary but, you know, Social Anxiety is real.

Anyway, the Lifestyle editor got back with me and said that they’d love to do a feature. Since I grew up in the town and the setting of “Back to You” was based on it, they were more than willing to a help a girl out.

And doing it was the most incredible thing.

I won’t go into detail as it’s unnecessary, but doing this, seeing my face plastered across our paper…it was a dream come true.

As pathetic as it may seem, I wanted the people who overlooked me growing up to see me. To see me as more than the quiet girl reading instead of socializing.

It may have been a selfish dream, but that’s what it was.

And I accomplished it, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, the feature is located here. I think it’s awesome, but I may be just a teeeeensy bit biased.