As a writer, the world is constantly exposing you to writing tools. You can get story ideas from the most random things, like the scent of a candle or a woman’s necklace. It’s one of the most magical things about being a writer.

And when one thinks “magical”, they’re first thought probably won’t be of the internet.

But, as a writer, I’ve come across many different sites, software, and apps that are pretty damn magical. These are things that help me become inspired, fight procrastination, make my life easier, and, honestly, just help me out. So hopefully somewhere amongst these, you’ll find some you may want to try out for yourself!

1. Grammarly– Google Chrome App

If you’ve been using an internet browser other than Google Chrome, if you get anything from this post, I hope that it’s you need to make a switch. Aside from this one app, there are thousands of others that can do anything your heart desires.

My favorite, obviously, is Grammarly. It’s basically a writer’s guardian angel, there any time you’re typing something to make you sound grammatically correct. Anywhere you type on your computer, whether it be on a random website, an email, or even a blog post like this, Grammarly runs as you type to let you know when you make any spelling or grammar error.

It shows up as a little circle in the bottom of your typing screen, so it’s not overbearing. It’s green when everything sounds good, and flashes red when you’ve made an error. It’ll highlight your error so when you hover your mouse over it, a pop up with a suggestion to correct it appears. Clicking it, it fixes it for you.

It’s the greatest invention for writer’s who need to have perfect writing on social media and onward.

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

2. Pinterest– Website/App/Lifestyle 

I have a whole other blog post about the many uses of Pinterest for writers here, so I won’t go into major detail here. But for pre writing, during writing, and post, Pinterest is a magical place full of inspiration, tips, and ways to make your writing as stand-out as possible.

Just be careful, because it’s incredibly simple to fall into a Pinterest black hole and not emerge for hours.

3. Google Keep– Multi-Platform App

I’ve tried more note taking apps than I’d care to admit to, but I always fall back to Google Keep. Writing plot notes and ideas with pen and paper is my preferred method. But sometimes when I’m at work or at a doctor’s appointment, I need a better way. Inspiration and ideas are fleeting, so it’s so important to jot them down when they come along.

Keep is simple and user-friendly. It’s the perfect app to pull up on your phone or tablet when you have a moment, type in your idea, and then be done. It doesn’t require you to navigate through a bunch of notebooks (the reason Evernote didn’t work out for me), so it’s also just as easy to find your note once you have the time to flesh it out.

Using Google Keep as an online writing tool

(Please ignore my shopping lists shown in the pic, but I literally use this App to help run my life)

4. Power Thesaurus -Website/App

Sometimes I forget about this little gem and use the basic Scrivener thesaurus, but then I remember it, use it, then hate myself for not using it before. Using either the website or the app, all you do is type in a word to see as many different options for it as possible. What makes it different from another thesaurus’ is that it’s simple and user-friendly. It’s perfect for writers too because the results are listed by “likes”, meaning that a word people found more helpful than another will be listed before.

It’s an amazing tool to keep yourself from using words like “amazing” and “definitely” too often in your writing, so if you find that you have that issue, you should definitely check out Power Thesaurus.

Using Power Thesaurus as writing tool

5. Scrivener– Software

I’m not going to go too in depth on this one because a whole separate post would be needed and I already have that planned out for a future one. All I’ll say here is that this software is totally worth the price, and that’s coming from a girl who has to steal toilet paper from her mom’s house.

It makes writing fun, easy, and organized. Using it over Google Docs or Microsoft Word, which I’ve used both in the past, makes me enjoy writing more. All of my research and notes are right on one screen, so I don’t have to waste time searching through digital files.

So if you’ve heard about Scrivener and are wondering if it’s worth it, this girl right here is telling you that it is.

Also, you can sync whatever you’re working on to your Google Drive account, so you can sneak in some writing at work without your home computer.

using scrivener as a writing tool

So I know there’s a ton more writing tools out there online, but these are the five that, hands down, are my favorites. I use them constantly, and I think that they all improve my writing and my life as an author.

What about you? What are some of your favorite online tools for writing? Leave them down in the comments so I can check them out and maybe find a new love of my own!

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