[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]We’ve all been there. You want to write, you need to write, and yet nothing will come to your head to write. It’s one of the most frustrating things.

But, as I mentioned in a previous post about developing your best writing process which you can find here, the best way to be a writer, is to write.

If you let your stubbornness win and succumb to the loss of creativity, then both you and your mind lose. Your creativity and your imagination are comparable to a muscle. If you don’t exercise them enough, you risk losing them.

Your creativity and your imagination are comparable to a muscle. If you don't exercise them enough, you risk losing them.Click To Tweet

And for people who have an undeniable urge to write like many writers do, the loss of them will send you into a serious funk.

So. How do you exercise something so intangible? How do you make a stronger, more proactive imagination? Here are some of my tips!

Note: These tips are geared toward writing, but can be applicable to other creative hobbies. Just tweak some details here and there 🙂


For all you bookworms out there, you’re welcome. My favorite way to spark creativity is by reading someone else’s. The smallest details in books can spark the grandest ideas. You could read one bout of dialogue, and create a whole subplot worth of ideas simply from that.

Essential Oils/Candles

I’m not some essential oil guru, but I do love them and think they’re pretty freaking powerful. That’s why I have a whole post dedicated to my favorites here.

Think what you want about their health benefits, but I know, hands down, they can affect your mood. Hell, I have the attention span of a squirrel, and certain blends in my diffuser will have me concentrating for hours.

Same goes with candles. If you’re writing romance, maybe light something romantic. If you’re writing something happy, sniff some lemon or orange essential oils. There are soooo many things you can do with them.

You can find some of my favorite blends below, or simply follow my essential oil board on Pinterest here.

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I know I knowww, I mention this website in pretty much every post. I even have one whole post dedicated to it here. But, I can’t not mention it. It’s so helpful for so many different things, including jumpstarting inspiration & creativity.

You can look at pretty faces that may inspire characters, pictures of places for setting inspo. All sorts of stuff.

Talk to People

This may be a bit daunting, especially for writers who are a notoriously introverted bunch. But the story ideas you could get from your grandparents’ old memories, an aunt’s wild college night, or a friend’s old relationship, can’t be ignored.


First and foremost, this is not me telling young writers to drink alcohol to better their craft. So please don’t report this article 🙂

Some writers work better with a hot mug of coffee by their side, others with tea and others with a large glass of wine/whiskey/whatever. I usually write with coffee as it gets my gears turning (sometimes too quickly), but sometimes when I’m too focused on perfectionism or can’t get out of my head, I will turn to a large glass of wine.

It all depends on your mood, how you’re feeling, and what you need to accomplish. But these drinks can definitely help.

People Watch

Don’t be a creeper, please, but be a little more observant than normal. If you see someone talking on the phone, wonder what they’re talking about. If you see a couple fighting, try to imagine what stirred the argument. And take inspo simply from that.

Listen to Music

Some writers swear by this. Not me, unfortunately, as I need silence to write. But if you think it could help, make a playlist with songs reminiscent of what you’re writing. If you want to write something sad, try listening to slow ballads instead of upbeat stuff. It’s pretty obvious, but some people completely overlook trying something like this.

Free Write

Open a blank word document, and type “the” or “it” and see where your mind takes it from there. Don’t think too hard, don’t focus too much. Just let your imagination take over, and see what genius it may come up with.

Remember Old Favorites

Whether it be an old book or movie, maybe even a play you saw, remember why you loved it so much. What plot points excited you? What frustrated you? And take ideas and inspiration from that.

Look Into Psychology

This may just be the psych nerd in me, but I absolutely love doing this. Browse through personality theories like MBTI & Jungian. Research personality disorders, mental disorders, human bias’ and the unconscious mind. You don’t have to learn or study anything, but merely looking into why people are the way they are may strike something in you.

So that’s it from me! Obviously, there are a million and one ways to strike up inspiration, but these are some of my favorites that truly do help. So I hope you found something that may be of use to you 🙂

If you have any other little tricks to help boost your creativity, please leave them down in the comments! I’d love to learn more, and I’m sure other readers would as well.

Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links, which means I may make a certain percentage off of your click/purchase. This doesn’t cost you any extra. Don’t be mad; authors make barely any money 🙂

Some quick & random tricks to jump start your creativity | a blog post at authorcjmiranda.com