Hey, Guys!

I’m C.J. I’m 25, a romance author, an LSU Graduate, and currently living in a ~500 sq. ft. apartment with my rescue dog, Delilah.

My current full-time job is in HR & Accounting at a small engineering firm, but (obviously) my dream is to write full-time. Currently, I’m a cliche millennial, broke while paying off student loans and credit cards I abused during college, and far too obsessed with my dog and cheap wine.

I started writing before I went through puberty, and started posting them online for free around the age of thirteen or fourteen. I always thought it was a weird hobby, though, so I didn’t tell a soul in my real life until I told my mom when I was sixteen. Needless to say, she was upset.

I’ve written multiple full novels, and“Back to You”was the first one I thought was decent enough to be published. So after finishing college, I shopped it around to multiple publishers. My first response, from the incredible ladies atHot Tree, was an acceptance.

I started this site not only as a way to promote myself and my writing, but also to encourage and help other writers who may think they’re “weird” too.

So to whoever is reading this, have a look around and I hope you enjoy my website